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Islam Answers Atheism

This unique work is a result of multiple engagements and debates in universities, mosques, private gatherings and elsewhere. The author, Asrar Rashid, takes on the more difficult questions taking us through a labrynth of Kalam, philosophy, logic, epistemology, science, the Qur’an, Hadith and Shari’a. The book covers in depth the proof for God, His divine attributes, the problem of evil, freewill and divine knowledge, the most difficult philosophical and scientific objections against Islam, as well as objections to Shari’a law, the Qur’an’s historical preservation, the historicity of the Hadith, slavery, Jihad, women’s rights and a host of other complex issues. This book is a must for all who are learning about Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims, apologists and detractors.

Publisher: Rigel publishers
Author: Asrar Rashid
Pages: 371

Price: £13.99


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