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The Life of the Chosen One (HB) 2 volume set

The Life of the Chosen One ? is a 2-volume translation of Sirat al-Mu??afa ? – a comprehensive, detailed and in-depth work on the sublime life of the Messenger of Allah ?. It covers most, if not all, of the significant events in his blessed life ?. This is one of the most reliable in-depth books on sirah currently available in the English language. It is in 2 volumes hardback. The first volume covers the Makkan period of his blessed life whilst the second volume covers the Madinan period as well the his Shama’il (sublime characteristics) and kha?a’il (exclusivities) and mu?jizat (miracles). The book contains copious footnotes with citations of full references, and also includes detailed indexing for ease of reference. Appendices have also been added for further clarity and detail. In this new work, we have also added the following: 1. Full referencing of Verses and A?adith and other citations in the original Urdu work. 2. Translations of passages and lines of Arabic and Urdu poetry have been added. 3. Footnotes and detailed appendices have been added to elaborate and clarify key creedal points pertaining to the Messenger of Allah ?. 4. An index for ease of reference has also been added.

Publisher: Al Ihya
Author: Shaykh Mustafa al Azami
Pages: 921

Price: £15.00


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